Top Tier Champions

Top Tier Champions for all roles.

Top Tier Champions

Greetings summoners! LoLBoost has decided to help our clients climb on their own by introducing a list of Top Tier Champions! It is similar to a tier list, but with small adjustments and talk about the general two best champions for each role, regardless of buffs/nerfs. As a general rule, they might feel weaker in certain patches, where other champions got reworked or buffed over the board, but generally speaking if you pick one of these two top tier champions in any meta, you can’t go wrong, especially if you master them properly. So, without further adieu, let’s talk about the top tier champions for all lanes.

a) Top lane “Top Tier Champions” : Maokai/Gnar

1) Maokai – an Ability Power menace, a great laner due to the self-sustain from passive & Grasp of the Undying, a godlike mid/late game tank with lots of damage and utility for his team.


- Lots of healing from his passive ( further improved with Spirit Visage );

- Teamwide damage reduction from his ultimate;

- Great crowd control;

- Flash+W can win fights mid/late game easily on a squishy target;

- Great split pusher.


- Has to hug his teamnates for his R to be effective;

- Relies on his team, can’t solo carry;

- Below average movement speed;

- Relatively immobile, if you engage and your team doesn’t follow up, you’re dead.

Regardless of patch, he will always be a safe and strong pick due to all the good things he brings to the team.


2) Gnar – an Attack Damage oriented bruiser/tank with some great mixed damage in between. He can adapt to any setup and be useful as an offensive ranged damage dealer or as a melee tank, or even both at the same time with the proper items.


- Great base damage/scalling;

- Is insanely good against tanks;

- Has mixed damage in his kit;

- Scales well into mid/late game;

- Great laner;

- Manaless.


- Squishy early on, dies easily to ganks if too aggressive;

- High mechanical floor & ceiling;

- Short range in ranged form;

- Difficult to learn and hard to master.

He will always be a good pick due to the amount of CC he brings and his ability to split push and crush tanks in mid/late game with his kit. He is very hard to learn, but once he is learned, he is very fun and engaging to play and definitely a top tier champion if you know what you are doing. 


b) Jungle "Top Tier Champions" : Elise/Lee sin

1) Elise – the queen of early/mid game, can be played as an Ability Power bruiser or as a tank. She can burst people down quickly early on with a good stun from the bush, that’s why she will always be a good jungler to punish people early on.


- High burst;

- 2 sets of abilities ( human/spider form );

- Great ganker/counter-ganker;

- Good escape with E ( which is usable over walls );

- Scales decently into mid/late game;


- no ultimate;

- squishy early on;

- high skill floor & ceiling;

- pretty high mana costs in human form.

Great champion since the release, can be adapted to more than just the jungle role, but fits well in this position. She has an easy time clearing camps, ganking and farming for her powerspike. She can be played both tanky/AP or a mixed build of it. The build is adaptable over the course of game. Will always be a good pick due to her strong early game if played properly.


2) Lee Sin – the wet dream champion of every high-elo Korean overlord. He is the mechanical god champion, he is the number one champion to train your mechanics ( not specifically for jungle ) and have for years been a top tier champion.


- insanely strong early game;

- really good burst with proper combo early game;

- able to do very good ganks due to the ward hop;

- works well in pretty much any setup;

- high mobility;

- last, but not less important, playmaker!


- not that great of a farmer;

- weak late game;

- insanely high skill floor and ceiling;

- hard to learn and even harder to master.

If you want to train your mechanics, Lee sin is the best champion to do so, you’ll be able to train your micro while also your decision making in high pressure situations. He isn’t that great of a champion in mid/late game ( mostly used for insec-ing – ulting people into your team, preferable squishy ).


c) Mid lane “Top Tier Champions”: Orianna/Azir

Top Tier Champions

1) Orianna – relegated queen of mid lane. She has a unique playstyle and players would default to her if they wanted a good overall mid laner. Sadly, due to the latest released champions which involve some sort of dashing, it makes her less attractive to pick, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that she isn’’t a queen anymore.


- strong passive ( helps during laning phase to punish enemies very easily );

- great utility with movement speed/shield/CC;

- can win a game with one good combo ( R+W+Q );

- scales really well through the game;

- easy to learn.


- needs good micro ( to know where your ball is always positioned );

- needs to properly use her mana to do maximum damage while not running out of mana too fast;

- immobile ( no innate dash in her kit );

- missing your ult can render you useless and very vulnerable to enemies;

- hard to master.

She is the “Lee Sin” of mid lane, overall great champion, she is the champion a lot of players use to learn the mid lane, has everything you want, burst, sustained damage, some utility. When she was released, Orianna was perhaps THE top tier champion, but after countless nerfs she is sometimes overlooked, and although she is weaker than she was, she is still considered a champion that can turn the tide of the game with her ulti and utility moves.


2) Azir – the emperor of the mid lane, took Orianna’s spot. A ranged control mage who uses his soldiers to attack while himself is in a safe range from any danger.


- long range;

- great laning phase;

- has a dash;

- can carry a game alone if snowballs.


- relies on soldiers;

- difficult to play vs assasins;

- insanely hard to master.

His kit is overloaded with stuff, which makes him really hard to balance. You can outplay any opponent with the abundant things you can do with him. He can be considered the hardest champion to master, but at the same time the most rewarding of them all and definitely a top tier champion.


d) ADC “Top Tier Champions”: Sivir/Ezreal

1) Sivir – strong adc, has good waveclear, an amazing ultimate for engaging/disengaging, scales really well into mid/late game, overall a great pick, regardless of nerfs, she will always be a good safe pick.


- a lot of AoE damage/waveclear ( Q+W + Statik Shiv ocassionaly );

- can pick off people who are mispositioned;

- can disengage with ultimate if enemy team is trying to engage;

- has a great defensive ability;

- easy to play.


- has issues on lane vs higher ranged ADCs;

- hard to use shield properly when there’s a lot of spells flying at you;

- no dash in kit;

- relies a lot on micro-ing ( to get a good use of her passive ).

Regardless of patch, she can be defaulted for your ADC, with small adjusments ( if you’re facing a Jhin who is insanely broken right now, you might have some issues ), but generally speaking, you can always safe farm and scale into mid/late game where you are really useful. Her kit alone makes her a top tier champion for team fights and for "safe play", but she is team dependent and patch dependent.


2) Ezreal – the infamous ADC who always finds a way to exploit new items. He will always have a special spot in my heart as the best ADC to default when you don’t know who to pick. He is a decent champion, has a CD reduction Q, a blink, great poke damage, can go different build paths, blue build being the most common.


- versatile marksman;

- different build paths;

- strong poke;

- insanely rewarding when mastered;

- fun to play.


- all abilities are skillshots;

- squishy;

- hard to master;

- hard to catch-up if behind.

Even with all these cons, he is still a big threat in good hands. I’m still waiting for the next items to be released to see how broken he can become again with the usage of them. Regardless, he has long been considered on the list of top tier champions simply due to his versatility. 


e) Support “Top Tier Champions”: Janna/Thresh

Top Tier Champions support

1) Janna – best champion who excels at defending her team and more importantly the most precious ADC. Her kit contains 3 types of CC ( Q + W + R ) which all combined make her a deadly CC-bot.


- great peel;

- high movement speed;

- great shield scalling;

- lots of aoe healing from ultimate over the course of the game;

- allows you to trade bot without taking damage.


- pretty squishy;

- damage on lane isn’t that high compared to other supports;

- relies on her team/adc.

Overall she is a very well-rounded support that fits into most teams and with every Marksman. Although she has a couple of drawbacks, she more than makes up for it and all in all there are very few actual bad sides to Janna. She is definitely a top tier champion, but she requires a player who knows her spells well, and who doesn't fall into the low level janna trap and spam Q in lane - mana must be saved for when you engage, run away or shield your adc. 

2) Thresh – offers everything you are looking in a support. During laning phase he has very power tools to engage and do a lot of burst damage, while also has the lantern to help your partner get out of trouble easily.


- most versatile support in the game ( just like Ezreal is in the ADC role );

- combines a high kill potential in lane with great utility aftewards;

- very fun and rewarding to play;

- has a lot of viable compositions.


- very hard to master;

- lacks sustain ( fixed by relic shield );

- good utilization of his kit will require some form of teamwork.

He has a lot of tricks to master, but regardless of nerfs and buffs, he can always be picked for those flashy plays with a hook, lantern or a simple flay on some sort of dash. Definitely my favorite support in the game and belongs with the top tier champions in the support class. 


Hope you enjoyed the read, good luck on the Rift and always remember, regardless of what someone tells you, always play those champions which you enjoy and are comfortable with. A Top Tier Champion can only get you so far, you have to enjoy the game, want to improve and practice to reach your full potential!


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